Fast and always hot pizza delivery!

Do you consider yourself the pizza-type of food lover? If you can’t wait longer for a fresh slice of pizza, call Canadian Pizza today for pizza delivery. We provide fast deliveries in Long Beach CA and its surrounding communities. Our prices are very affordable and competitive. With Canadian Pizza, no more having to wait hours for your pizza or getting overcharged for the delivery. You get to enjoy your pizza whenever and wherever. We are an elite pizzeria operating in Long Beach CA for more than 13 years and counting. Our services go beyond the usual pizza parlor. Instead of getting a pizza delivery boy knocking at your doorstep, our staff consists of select members who have achieved the highest training and qualifications possible. And don’t even get us started with the pizzas.

Pizza Delivery Long Beach CA

All food products offered by Canadian Pizza are made from the freshest ingredients and quality produce. We source our supplies from only the most trusted and dependable local suppliers. Our generous selection of pizza flavors and toppings offer clients with the widest range of options that appeal to their taste buds. You can pick from Mediterranean-style pizzas, all-meat pizzas, all cheese pizzas, vegetarian pizzas, etc. No matter which one you choose, one thing is for certain – you will love it!

Commuting from home or leaving work just to get to the nearest pizzeria is both hassling and time-consuming. It depletes both energy, money for travel, and time you could have used to complete your work or rest from the long stressful weekend. There are also days when heavy rainfall hits Long Beach CA, in which case you’ll be unable to order pizza from your usual pizza parlor. At Canadian Pizza, we have decades of experience in providing exemplary customer service and quality pizzas. Pizza Delivery in Long Beach CAWe combine both aspects to offer the complete client experience. Our prices are very affordable and tailored for mass budgets. You can’t find any other five-star quality grill restaurant that offers the prices we offer for pizza deliveries in Long Beach CA.

Our delivery crew is also well-recognized for their good work. We have a fleet of transportation vehicles including vans and motorcycles that enable us to deliver fast regardless if you’re on the other side of the community. And of course, where would we leave great-tasting pizzas? Canadian Pizza strictly implements food safety standards, proper hygiene protocols, and other regulations mandated by governing institutions.

Creating an environment where pizzas are accessible anytime at affordable prices is something we strive to continue on doing with our pizza delivery services. If you want the finest pizza in town, contact Canadian Pizza today at (562) 753-6705 for fast delivery! Our seven days customer service desk is always on standby to take your pizza orders!