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Looking for a grill restaurant with mouthwatering pizzas that is well-suited for your budget? There are plenty of locations in Long Beach CA, but only one restaurant meets the high standards of clients each and every time – Canadian Pizza. We offer delicious pizzas for affordable prices. Our products are available for dine-in and delivery 7 days a week. Our restaurant is a five-star grill restaurant with over 13 years of experience. We operate within Long Beach CA Grill Restaurant in Long Beach CAbut is also open for orders in nearby towns. We serve hundreds of clients on a daily basis and is open for private parties and special events. From the offset, Canadian Pizza has always aimed to provide clients with the very best. Our culinary experience remains unchallenged by other local grill restaurants and so does our service rates.

Craving for grilled pizza, pasta, hamburgers, or sumptuous desserts? Making your own home-cooked meals can be tiresome and complex work. The right ingredients and a culinary skill set are necessary to make a good enough meal. Why waste the rest time you have from work when you can get pizza delivered straight to your doorstep or just drive through Canadian Pizza for a satisfying meal? Canadian Pizza is open round the clock and the entire year straight. In fact, we are even open during the holidays. Our commitment to quality and customer service does not end on weekends or during Thanksgiving. We make sure you have access to our menus whenever you want them.

Delisous Grill Specialties in Long Beach CAWhether you’re looking for some creamy soup to warm you during rainy days or flavorful desserts for depressing times, Canadian Pizza is the best restaurant to visit. We offer a broad menu selection including grilled pizzas, all-meat pizzas, veggie pizzas, seafood pizzas, etc. We make sure our food is delicious and nutritious by sourcing natural ingredients and produce fresh from local markets. Canadian Pizza also adheres to food regulations, food preparation protocols, proper safety and hygiene measures, and other policies implemented by governing commissions. This guarantees that food leaving from our kitchens and delivered to your door or table is at its finest stature and fit for a royal subject.

So, how much do we price our food? Canadian Pizza prices our food selection within the lowest and most budget-friendly price range. We aim to give access to restaurant-quality food without the extravagant bills. Our pizza delivery services are also very affordable and fast. A few minutes after your call, one of our well-trained delivery crew will be right in front of your door to deliver fresh, delicious food. Call us today at (562) 753-6705 to get your fix of pizza or pasta! Our grill restaurant features a seven days customer service desk that will be happy to assist you in making an order.